Surplus Collective is a London-based non-profit organisation that partners up with local food shops to turn their high quality surplus food into fine meals to be featured in seasonal supper clubs. Surplus Collective raises both awareness and funds to help combat food waste by donating 100% of proceeds to charities fighting hunger in the capital. 


Globally ~ 1/3 of food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted

A substantial part of discarded food is still perfectly suitable for human consumption.

Consumers in Europe and North America waste 95-115 kg of food per year per capita

Sources: FAO
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Get involved

Become a partner We have partnered up with a number of local shops who donate their surplus bread, fruit and veg, meat. We pick up these surplus foods from your shop when it is convenient for you. If you want to get involved with a good cause get in touch to arrange the next pick-up. 

Become a Surplus Volunteer Volunteer your time and energy to help us at our next event. You can become a pick-up driver, washer, chopper, or advertiser. We are always happy to welcome like-minded people on-board so that together we can tackle food waste.

Book Surplus Collective for Your Next Event. Have a birthday, anniversary, or office party. Why not book Surplus Collective to cater your next event. You avoid the headache of party prep all the while doing a good deed as 100% of our proceeds go to charities that combat hunger in the capital.

Simply give any amount, small or large, toward this cause.

The Surplus Ale

Our ultimate aim is to maximise the amount of reclaimed food waste in our supper club menu. As such the partnership with master brewer Nejc has enabled us to provide a fully sustainable meal all sourced from surplus ingredients.

 Our Surplus Ale is a golden, crisp and balanced ale finished with the fresh note of ocean breeze brewed using 'Surplus' bread for 45% of the grain bill.

We are thankful to the inspiration provided by the Toast Pale Ale


In September 2016, a popular London daily, the Evening Standard ran a series of articles about food waste in the capital. This topic really made an impact on Kiana, and so together with her friend and passionate cook Camilla, they decided to ride the wave of growing public awareness and engage their local communities both as source and sink for reclaiming food waste.

Kiana Toufighi Data wrangler by day, newbie mother by night, a strident feminist always, Kiana makes up for her mercurial temperament by her unwavering support of social justice. Instagramming the heck out of every day life since 2010, she’s self-proclaimed techie -thankful daily for being alive post-digital revolution. Her previous project involving food and good causes was called Incubakers, a community of scientists baking and selling cakes to raise money for one charity each month.

Camilla Iannone When she’s not busy studying neurogenesis, Camilla blogs about Italian cooking (while maintaining a strict meat-free diet), caters organic vegetarian meals to devoted yogis, and travels frequently always with an eye out for new recipes, ingredients, and food vendors. One of her recent projects onepicperdayproject, a year-long pictorial diary reveals her passion for all things food related. She’s a proud Roman, a quirky collector of maneki-nekos, and a die-hard fan of music festivals.

Nejc Haberman Nejc divides his time between being a computational biologist studying the interaction between proteins and RNA and being a self-taught brewer studying the interaction between grain, hops, and yeast. His flat doubles as micro-brewery encroaching more and more on the space of his beloved dog, Ari. Nejc also plays in the Slovenian Jazz band Jazoo.

Edoardo Iannone Edoardo has degrees in political science and international relations. He's worked as a radio host, a journalist, and a distributor for world's largest brewery in Rome. He's just moved to London to take on a role in the media and public relations department of European Medicines Agency. He continues to write around his new English life in a blog. Being Italian means he's got a zeal for long dinners with good food and wine which he hopes to bring to more people through his involvement with Surplus Collective.

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